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About Us

Our Beginnings

As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

Our venture began in March 2018, when we began seeking knowledge on what Hijab was; and the conditions behind it. This really opened our eyes and made us realise most products marketed towards Muslim women did not correctly adhere to the requirements outlined by Shari’ah. In addition to this the prices being charged by some of these brands were very extortionate for subpar quality, leading to many sisters being unable to afford ‘modest’ clothing.

During our search for clothing for ourselves we discovered Tasnim Collections and were immediately addicted, there was a design for every sister; Jilbab, Khimar, Abaya, Shayla you name it, it was there. In every colour you could possibly want and more. One Jilbab led to another, before we knew it we’d purchased several dozen Jilbabs in different styles and colours. 5 weeks later our products had arrived, we can honestly say we were astounded by the quality and consistency but most of all the incredible, beautiful, unique colours!

Each piece had been carefully designed with with practicality in mind, applying a great deal experience and care, without compromising important factors factors such as style and comfort. Just by looking at the clothing you could tell how much passion had gone into perfecting each single detail.

The concept of starting our own business was completely unintentional but in our excitement we’d ordered way too many products, under the suggestion of a friends and family we began selling these on Instagram and Facebook. The brand already had an amazing reputation and by the grace of Allah we were contacted by numerous sisters asking if we were going to be placing more orders soon. Its extremely difficult finding a brand that trades with honestly and integrity. The only brand we were interested in working with was Tasnim Collections, their experience was paramount and their customer service was exceptional.

From thereon by the grace and blessing of Allah ﷻ we have been working alongside Tasnim Collections to provide our customers with exceptional quality and affordable prices.

This is something we are so passionate about and love doing for the happiness and ease we bring our sisters Fi Sabeelillah. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown us, especially our initial customers who have trusted us to deliver each and everty time. I pray Allah ﷻ increases you in goodness and increases your Rizq, you remain in our du’as always!


Al – Akhawaat

Maison Al-Muhajabaat

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