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Batwing Elasticated Abaya “Hawa” Black Nidha – Tasnim Collections


Our bestselling abaya is the ultimate everyday wardrobe staple, offering super coverage with sophisticated style. Has an elastic cuffs for ease and can be sewn with or without Ummi nursing zip options. Handcrafted by our expert tailors to your custom requirements. Readymade in Black Nidha.

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A chic abaya for every sister who’s looking for a proper coverage and a beautiful flow with elastic cuff for comfort and style.

This Abaya is Size 53′ Black Nidha with a zip.

Additional information

Weight 475 g

Size Guide

Abaya length:

The following measurements is the abaya length guide for your height. This size guide is for guidance only, we highly recommend you measure from top of your shoulder and down to how long you want your abaya to be in sha Allah.

abayalength 1 Tasnim Collections

What’s the difference between Standard and Petite?

The difference is in the width of the abaya from sleeve to sleeve. Our standard is most suitable for sisters that are 165 cm or taller, since its wider and therefore also have longer sleeves. Petite have smaller width which means it have shorter sleeves, suitable for sisters 163 cm and shorter.

  • Standard: 170 cm sleeve to sleeve
  • Petite: 150 cm sleeve to sleeve

We also make the sleeves longer if needed.

Whats the waist width of the abaya?

This abaya is very wide and have a waist width of 120 cm one size, which means 240 cm in circumference .


You can choose between 2 necklines for your abaya in sha Allah. One with a 25 cm long zipper, which is also suitable for nursing mothers, and without zipper. Please see the illustrations below to see how the necklines look (press on the images for a clearer picture):

necklinezipper Tasnim Collections necklinenozipper Tasnim Collections

Matching Niqab

A Matching Niqab will be an elasticated half niqab. The Niqab will match in colour and fabric to the main garment you are purchasing.