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One Piece Jilbab “Fatimah” – Tasnim Collections


Our traditional one piece ‘French Jilbab’ style offers supreme coverage and is a staple in any sisters wardrobe. Handcrafted by our expert tailors to your custom requirements.

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Effortless and free-flowing with a supreme coverage. This piece have a timeless and modest design for the sister who’s looking to full-fill her hijab properly made with elastic cuffs for ease during wudu. Love one pieces but need extra coverage? Pair with any of our abayas underneath to add to the maximal coverage our one pieces offer.

We can adjust the head sizing to make it smaller/larger to your needs. Please specify a measurement when ordering otherwise 29cm will be ordered for Smaller and 32cm for larger, please measure accurately.

Please choose a length suitable for you, usually one need approx 6-8 cm longer than ones own height. 

Need longer or shorter than sizes available? Please contact us.


Additional information

Weight 700 g

Size Guide

How do I know what length to choose?

If you want to have your jilbab/overhead abaya in a full length we recommend that you choose a size that is 5-8 cm longer than your own height. However if you want ankle length we recommend choosing the same length as your own height in cm.

What’s the difference in Standard and Petite?

The difference is in the width of the jilbab/overhead abaya. Our standard is most suitable for sisters that are 165 cm or taller, since its wider and therefore also have longer sleeves. Petite have smaller width which means it have shorter sleeves, suitable for sisters 163 cm and shorter.

  • Standard: 180 cm sleeve to sleeve
  • Petite: 160 cm sleeve to sleeve

If you are a sister that is 180 cm or taller and want full length jilbab please contact us in order to make a longer jilbab than the options available, we can also make the sleeves longer if needed.

Additional Options

Niqab straps:

You can choose to add so called “niqab straps” to your jilbab. This will enable you to wear your jilbab so that the fabric you usually wear under the chin can be lifted up to cover the face.

Ummi zipper:

When a baby needs extra closeness to their mum many of us sisters choose to wear a sling or a baby carrier. The ummi zipper, a horizontal zipper, makes it possible to wear the sling or carrier underneath the jilbab so we don’t have to compromise on the conditions of the hijab.

ummichainfront Tasnim Collectionsummichainback Tasnim Collections

Matching Niqab

A Matching Niqab will be an elasticated half niqab. The Niqab will match in colour and fabric to the main garment you are purchasing.