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Elastic Half Niqab “Aaliyah” Deep Marine Blue – Tasnim Collections


Our Elastic Lithaam in the limited edition shade ‘Deep Marine Blue’, a more blue toned variant of our popular ‘Dark Teal’ . Handcrafted in Marrakesh by Tasnim Collections using the finest grade chiffon for ultimate breathability. Super comfortable whilst offering maximal coverage with an adjustable elastic.


Recommended for sisters who suffer with migraines.

Out of stock


Lithaam or Half Niqab as it is more commonly known is a traditional garment worn to cover the lower part of the face. High quality chiffon Niqab in ‘Deep Marine Blue’ offering ultimate breathability. Offers excellent coverage, available in two sizes (seen in size L) . Perfectly paired with any of our other products.

Please note – our half niqab may or may not match our Jilbab, Abaya, Khimar & Shayla exact it is best to place a custom order at the same time to guarantee a match or they may be a slight shade deference.

Whilst we sell half niqab for ease we advise sisters the eyebrows and forehead are part of the niqab and should not be adorned/uncovered.