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Luxury Diamond Khimar “Nuraa” Large – Navy Blue


Looking for a luxurious and exclusive khimar? Look no further than the Diamond Khimar “Nuraa” Navy Blue by Maison Al-Muhajabaat now in Large with a shorter length at the back. This lightweight khimar is made from our premium Nidha fabric and falls elegantly, feeling cooling and light against the skin – perfect for hot weather conditions. It features two ties to secure it to the head and two smaller straps to use as an optional niqab when desired. If you love Jilbabs but require something lighter and more flowy, this khimar is the ideal alternative.


Featuring a uniquely sized Diamond Cut that is knee length at the front, giving the illusion of a more taller and refined frame. It’s extra wide at the sides so the fabric sits exactly where it needs to for ample coverage, without making you look bulky or limiting use of hands. So flattering for all shapes and sizes! Don’t miss out on this must-have piece.


Our Diamond Khimar “Nuraa” is designed to be paired with our Luxury Bisht Abaya “Naila” for coverage you could only previously get from a Jilbab.

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Luxury Diamond Khimar “Nuraa” in Navy Blue is our signature piece in our Maison Al-Muhajabaat Collection, a premium range of modestwear daily essentials. Hand-crafted from the finest materials, this captivating piece is perfect for elegant sisters who crave refined modesty. The uniquely cut wide and long diamond shape provides excellent coverage and a comfortable fit, making it a must-have for any modest fashionista.

It offers sisters a great alternative to Jilbab and Hijabs whilst providing you with the best possible coverage. This Khimar sits just as beautifully on a petite sister as it does on a plus sized one.This extra large sizing is perfect for those who want maximum coverage, without sacrificing their sense of style. The Khimar sits beautifully on all different body types, making it a versatile and flattering choice for any woman. Whether you are looking for an alternative to a Jilbab or Hijab, or simply want a fashionable and comfortable hijab, the Diamond Khimar “Nuraa” is the perfect option! Its sleek design sits beautifully on any frame, petite or plus-sized, The “Nuraa” Khimar is available in a variety of colors to suit any taste.

Navy Blue is a Permanent part of our collection, a beautiful dark shade of blue in Nidha Fabric. Pair with our Luxury Bisht Abaya “Naila” for a sophisticated look.

  • Crafted from our Luxury Nidha Fabric
  • Perfect lightweight alternative to Jilbab, Shayla, Hijab.
  • Double Headband
  • Signature Diamond Shapeextra long at front and back for added elegance.
  • Optional integrated niqab; you can lift and tie behind the head if/when desired.
  • Niqab ties can also be used to adjust the neck area if desired.
  • Two tie backs perfectly sized to secure the khimar to your head.
  • Provides the best chest and back coverage available on the market.
  • Designed for easy movement with the hands.


Nidha: 100% polystester easy wash and care. Do not tumble dry.



Length at back: 150cm long

Length at front: 115cm

Head Opening Diameter: 30-31cm from seam to seam (inside out)

Headband width: 10.5cm

Additional information

Weight400 g


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