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Two Piece Jilbab “Hanifah” – Tasnim Collections


Classic style two piece butterfly jilbab with snap buttons, ideal for sisters who prefer no cuffs. Made with a tie back Khimar with the choice of a skirt or sirwal.



Please note this is product is bespoke, each piece is handcrafted by our expert tailors to your personal requirements therefore only available on preorder. Please see our notice-box on the Homepage and Delivery page for information on when you can expect your order.


Available on backorder



A beautiful and modest butterfly jilbab with cuffs that have snap buttons for adjustment. A modest look made in 2 pieces, with the choice of skirt or sirwal underneath.

We can adjust the head sizing to make it smaller/larger to your needs. Please specify a measurement when ordering otherwise 29cm will be ordered for Smaller and 32cm for larger, please measure accurately.

Please choose a skirt or sirwal that fits your length best, choose between petite, standard and plus size and what options you would like to add. for more information about the sizes and options please see the information under “Additional Options” and “Size Guide”.

Need longer or shorter than sizes available? Please contact us.


Additional information

Weight750 g

Size Guide

How do I know what skirt or sirwal length to choose?

Best is that you either measure a skirt you know is a good length on you, or measure yourself from hip or waist (your preference) and down to how long you want your skirt to be. You can also take a look at this size chart for guidance :

What’s the waist measurements of the skirts?

Our skirts have a elastic band to make it comfortable and suitable for most body shapes. The measurement of our standard skirt (if you don’t choose plus size) is 38 to 60 cm, meaning measured straight over the elastic band when first not stretched and then when stretched. If you choose plus size this measurement will be 50-90 cm.

What’s the length of the jilbab top/headpiece?

When you choose skirt or sirwal length the length of the jilbab will be suitable for that choice.

  • 85-90 cm skirt or sirwal: 130 cm long jilbab
  • 95-100 cm skirt or sirwal: 140 cm long jilbab
  • 105-115 cm skirt or sirwal: 150 cm long jilbab

What’s the difference between Standard and Petite?

The difference is in the width of the jilbab. Our standard is most suitable for sisters that are 165 cm or taller, since its wider and therefore also have longer sleeves. Petite have smaller width which means it have shorter sleeves, suitable for sisters 163 cm and shorter.

What is Plus size?

If you choose plus size this will make the skirt wider in the waist (50-90 cm).

Additional Options

Pockets in skirt or sirwal:

You can choose to add pockets to your skirt or sirwal, the pockets will be added into the seam on the sides and are a deep pocket suitable to place your phone or keys in, in sha Allah.

Drawstring in skirt or sirwal

All our skirt and sirwals have elastic band in the waist, however some sisters prefer to have a drawstring for easy adjustment of the waist.

Niqab straps:

You can choose to add so called “niqab straps” to your jilbab. This will enable you to wear your jilbab so that the fabric you usually wear under the chin can be lifted up to cover the face.

Ummi zipper:

When a baby needs extra closeness to their mum many of us sisters choose to wear a sling or a baby carrier. The ummi zipper, a horizontal zipper, makes it possible to wear the sling or carrier underneath the jilbab so we don’t have to compromise on the conditions of the hijab.

Matching Niqab

A Matching Niqab will be an elasticated half niqab. The Niqab will match in colour and fabric to the main garment you are purchasing.