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Extra Large Diamond Khimar

Full coverage signature khimar in Nidha fabric finished with our branded logo. With built in niqab straps perfect for all seasons especially Gulf weather. Below knee length at the front and full length at the back to cover even the tallest sister.

Pair with our Bisht Abaya Naila with Snap buttons for a truly regal look perfect for daily wear, workwear or that little bit of elegance for that special event, best of all its breastfeeding friendly.

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Diamond Khimar Nuraa Extra Large - Vintage Grape

$52.27  $54.88

Diamond Khimar Extra Large - Sötét smaragd


Diamond Khimar Extra Large - fekete


Diamond Khimar Extra Large - világoskék


Diamond Khimar Nuraa Extra Large - Mulberry


Diamond Khimar Extra Large - kékeszöld kék


Diamond Khimar Nuraa Extra Large - Cappuccino


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Diamond Khimar Extra Large - ol√≠va sz√ľrke

$43.12  $54.88

Diamond Khimar Nuraa Extra Large - Navy


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Diamond Khimar Extra Large ‚Äď k√©kesz√∂ld

$48.35  $54.88

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Diamond Khimar Nuraa Extra Large - Taupe Brown

$39.20  $54.88

Diamond Khimar Extra Large - Zsálya zöld


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